About Me

The way to my heart is through cupcakes, frozen yoghurt, chocolate, and flowers. My resume includes a year working in a chocolate factory which, unfortunately, wasn’t Willy Wonka’s.

Hi. I’m Nicole. Now that we’ve got the introductions and random facts out of the way, I can warmly say, “Welcome to Dandelion Pursuits!” Why the name, you ask?

When you blow on a dandelion, the seeds fly away on the wind, off to new adventures.

Source: Logas69, DeviantArt.

Source: Logas69, DeviantArt.

I have spent almost a decade living abroad, but I’m not yet ready to pack up and go home – instead, I have decided to move to a different continent, to a country with a different culture and language.

It is a New Adventure.

And I hope to share it with you =)


_ _ _ _ _
Credits: Blog icon courtesy of somadjinn at freestock.ca, cropped square to fit. Original here.


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