The Joy of Spring

Alright, I know it’s the end of May, and technically, spring started way back in March, but tell that to my winter coat, which was still fit for use in the beginning of May with night time temperatures dipping down to 0°C (!!!) – I swear, for the past few years, spring has been arriving later and later…

I am not going to turn this into a rant about how late spring was, however, so let’s move on to one of the reasons why I love spring: flowers!

I must say my appreciation for flowers has grown throughout the years. One might call me spoilt, for, having grown up in a tropical country, flowers are pretty much available all year round. My mum had orchids and other flowers growing outside, which seemed to always be flowering, so I never felt the absence of these splashes of colour.

Living abroad for a number of years, in a country of four seasons (I know sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, but yes, the UK does officially have four seasons), has meant that I appreciate flowers a whole lot more now. When winter has ended and the weather starts to become warm and nice, you know spring has arrived when all the flowers and baby animals come out to play.

It feels so glorious to step outside in a light jacket and see bursts of colour everywhere. It is moments like these when I finally see the attraction of gardening. How lovely it must feel to plant bulbs in the autumn, and know that lovely tulips and daffodils will come up to welcome you in spring!

P1050528e_Fotor 3









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