The Elusiveness of Productivity

Does anyone else find it hard to be productive? I seem to manage fine at work, but the minute I try to transfer being productive to my personal life, it normally ends up with me not getting very far.

The issue could be that with work, there are consequences for being unproductive. Snoozing your alarm for an hour and then coming late into work every day, or spending half your work day on the Internet, is not really going to get you very far in your career, is it?!

I am in the very fortunate position of having a significant amount of time in which to pack up my life in the UK. I’m currently not working, so theoretically the whole day, every day, is available for me to sort out my things, pack, and finish administrative tasks like making sure I cancel my gym membership and get the final bills for my house.

I’m trying to be all organised and productive and not spend my days waking up at 10am, watching lots of TV and being a zombie in front of the computer. I mean, all of those things are enjoyable, but I feel that things like learning Korean, reading some books and writing in this blog are a more productive use of my time.

So far it’s been a big fat fail. The Internet is too alluring. Sleep is too comfortable.

However! *raises index finger* I am fighting against procrastination! I will conquer it! (Crunch time is also getting closer, but uh, let’s just pretend I’m winning instead of being forced to be productive lest I want all my belongings left in the UK, shall we?)

'Be Productive'. Source: DreamingDeer, DeviantArt.

‘Be Productive’. Source: DreamingDeer, DeviantArt.

Strategy Number 1
Use music to wake up. I have a tendency to snooze my alarm or turn it off completely, then wake up an entire hour later. I’ve managed to force myself to pick up my iPod and get it to play music through my speakers. I’m one of those people who can’t really sleep when there’s music playing.

Strategy Number 2
No Youtube or Facebook. These are my absolute killers in terms of productivity. Once I get on Youtube, I get distracted by all the suggested videos that are lined up to the right of the video I meant to watch. Cue hours of clicking on video after video, thinking you should stop but never quite managing to hit the little ‘x’ on the top of the screen.

Strategy Number 3
Reward system. Sorting out your things and doing administrative tasks like cancelling your bills is really boring. So I try to give myself a reward like watching something or playing a game, and make sure I put a timer on it, because there is always the risk of getting sucked in and never going back to that task you were meant to do. Music also helps when I’m actually doing the task.

Now let’s hope that I manage to sort out and pack everything with plenty of time to study Korean!

Pack Up and Go!

Off on a New Adventure. Where to? Oh, I’m glad you asked. I’m moving here:

View of Seoul

View of Seoul from Namsan Tower.

I’ve been there on holiday before, but I’ve never lived there. At the moment, my Korean is also limited to saying things like, “Hello, I am Nicole,” “Where is the toilet?” and, “I want to eat now.”

Which are all important things to know how to say, but a bit limiting if you want to have a conversation with someone. That’s okay, though. I’m raring to go and ready to learn the language!

I created this blog because I feel like it’s a new adventure, a new phase of life, one which I would like to share, so I hope you will have as much fun reading it as I will have writing it. (I’m assuming I will have fun, is that being too optimistic?)

I won’t be in South Korea for a few months yet, though – first it will be some rest and relaxation at home, in Malaysia, and then, then, it will begin.

The New Adventure.
South Korea.
대한민국 (Daehan Minguk).

… just to clarify, I will still post stuff, even though I’m not physically there yet! After all, they say that the paths we take can be just as interesting as the destination… or… something. You know what I mean.