Pack Up and Go!

Off on a New Adventure. Where to? Oh, I’m glad you asked. I’m moving here:

View of Seoul

View of Seoul from Namsan Tower.

I’ve been there on holiday before, but I’ve never lived there. At the moment, my Korean is also limited to saying things like, “Hello, I am Nicole,” “Where is the toilet?” and, “I want to eat now.”

Which are all important things to know how to say, but a bit limiting if you want to have a conversation with someone. That’s okay, though. I’m raring to go and ready to learn the language!

I created this blog because I feel like it’s a new adventure, a new phase of life, one which I would like to share, so I hope you will have as much fun reading it as I will have writing it. (I’m assuming I will have fun, is that being too optimistic?)

I won’t be in South Korea for a few months yet, though – first it will be some rest and relaxation at home, in Malaysia, and then, then, it will begin.

The New Adventure.
South Korea.
대한민국 (Daehan Minguk).

… just to clarify, I will still post stuff, even though I’m not physically there yet! After all, they say that the paths we take can be just as interesting as the destination… or… something. You know what I mean.